Poetry corner: Coffee shop lust

Dear dude with the floppy hair,

Please notice me.

With your Taylor Kitsch eyes,

And your Taylor Kitsch body,

You make me feel young again.

And a bit of a perv.

Oh hello,

You just caught me looking at you.

That was embarrassing.

I’m blushing because I know,

You think I’m old enough to be your mother

But Oedipus had a point,

Don’t you think?


Oh, ok.

I’ll just pack up and leave. But,

Can I see your abs first?

No! Don’t call the police,

For I have no defence.

You caught me unawares.

For you are young and cute, and

You look like Tim Riggins from

Friday Night Lights.

But more importantly,

I haven’t had sex in months.

I think I love you.

The end.


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