Spinny ‘desperate’? What do you think?

This blog has been more successful than I ever imagined, thanks to you!

Traffic is growing every month, and the feedback has been amazing.

To that end, I pitched a book idea based on ‘Hollywood Spinster’ to my agent in London. The book charts my move to America to find script-writing success, and love. I’ve pretty much failed on both counts, so I call it a ‘self un-help’ book. Because even though I’m not being wined and dine by WME or married to the man of my dreams, I’ve had a wonderful time. I’ve met new friends, travelled around the country, and had some wonderful experiences.

I also want to write about what it was like to be a single woman of a certain age living in Hollywood, and on a more universal level look at serious issues such as ‘What DO you do if you don’t have kids?’, or ‘How do you survive as a single woman in a harsh economic climate?’ All against the crazy, narcissistic, youth-obsessed backdrop of Hollywood.

Mostly, I wanted it to be funny, honest and self-deprecating. All the things you tell me it is.

This is what he said about my book pitch:

“Sorry but it cries out ‘desperate’ and needs much more oblique approach. I think it’s too much in one’s face, maybe too American. Can’t see what really makes it distinctive and the humour isn’t really there. Needs much lighter touch.”

I’m not sure what’s more upsetting – desperate, or not funny? Actually, it was the ‘desperate’. That felt like a low blow. Because I’m single? I use the word ‘spinster’, or because I have no kids?

If you think that the idea of Hollywood Spinster is desperate, please tell me. I’m looking for your feedback because frankly, I find his comments insulting. And you should too. I’ve been a writer for many years now and am used to hearing ‘no’, but this made me very angry.

Please comment below. I’m going to make sure he sees what you have to say.

Spinny out!


3 Comments on “Spinny ‘desperate’? What do you think?”

  1. I don’t think it’s desperate. Would this person find the TV show “Hot in Cleveland” desperate? I think it’s fascinating to see just how fucked-up and ageist the whole Hollyweird culture really is. Another person who comes to mind is Kathy Griffin. Her whole comedy act revolves around the fact that she’s single, 50, and a D-List celebrity in a culture obsessed with youth and beauty. I hardly think she comes off as desperate, either.

  2. Thanks for your support childfreechic. I was hurt initially but have re-grouped! I’m thinking of self-publishing my book because I cannot afford to wait another minute for validation from another human being.

    I love your website by the way, and have been checking in for a while now. I think I’d be very happy with a Mr Childfree and a gorgeous home too 🙂

    • Natacha Von Braun says:

      Write it. It sounds like it something you really want to write. At the very least, it will be cathartic and getting it out of your system will make you a wiser, stronger and funnier person. The world is full of people telling you what not to do and what to do. If your agent doesn’t sell it, find one who will. Or you sell it.

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