Adding Insult to Injury

You’ve got to feel sorry for ‘ole wosserface’ on the left.

Her best mate marries Keira Knightley’s brother, and she has to walk down the aisle alongside one of the world’s most famous actresses. SONOFABITCH.

As a perpetual bridesmaid, my heart went out this this lady of average looks and shape.

I feel her pain, I really do. In fact, I’ve vowed not to go to another wedding unless it’s my own. It’s too stressful. It stirs up a whole pot of anxiety, and there are way too many questions from elderly relatives. It’s the ultimate spinster gauntlet.

I don’t think I’d have agreed to wear purple next to those cheekbones either.

Still, she’s putting on a good show for the cameras, and gets a gold star for effort.

Read the rest of this so-called ‘story’ here.


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