Why you should treat yourself to ‘A $100 Day’.

Today I gifted myself $100.

What does that mean, I hear you say? (I’ve got fantastic hearing). I’m a grown up, in charge of my own money, and have been for years – surely I don’t have to ‘gift’ myself anything?

Well, wrong.

Money is tight. This recession is (sorry) getting worse, not better. I was told by two of my employers in the last month alone that they can’t use me for a while as their budgets have been cut. Again. The news is gloom soup.

However, yesterday I was unexpectedly paid for a job. My eyes nearly fell out of my head when I saw the payment had gone into my checking account. And although I need every penny to get through the next couple of months (no partner, husband, room-mate, family, trust fund to fall back on), I decided that today, I needed to take care of me.

So I gave myself a pass.

These were the rules: I could do what I liked, as long as I didn’t spend more than $100.

It might surprise you what I spent the money on but everything I did made me happy.

1. $34 @ Crossroads Trading (recycled clothes store) for three tops.

2. $11.99 on getting my car washed + $2 tip

3. $21 @ Costco for 48 tins of cat food.

4. 12.95 for lunch at my favourite cafe in Silverlake (including a chocolate chip cookie to have with my afternoon tea).

5. $18 pedicure (my first in around four months).

Grand total = $99.94

This week, more than any ever other week I can remember, I’ve had people tell me I’m being too hard on myself. But it’s just me, and times are as tough. I can’t drop the ball. Being hard on myself is my way of ensuring I keep motivated to earn a living.

So now it’s 4pm, and I’m settling down to work for the next four or five hours but I can tell you, I feel good. Really good.

I have new clothes, shiny toenails, a clean car, a full belly, the cat’s going to get fed – AND I also have a cookie to dip into my tea. Bliss.

My $100 day feels like a million bucks.


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