Spinster of the Week

Step forward, Kim Cattrall. You are this month’s Spinster Gold.

Kim is 54-years-old, and it’s clear that she hasn’t succumbed to cosmetic surgery.

LOOK AT HER FACE. It’s so real. And boy, do we need more real.

Compare her to Meg Ryan, below, who is five years younger, and you’ll see what I mean. Meg looks utterly ridiculous, while Kim exudes a vibrant, natural beauty.

Kim’s lived a life and it’s there for all to see. I LOVE her confidence. This is a woman who makes her living as an actress and she’s found a way to be herself. (Okay, so she plays an aging porn star in her new movie, Meet Monica Velour, but baby steps).

“I’ve never been marginalized before and it’s an extraordinary feeling, where you’re just feel like ‘Well, where is my contribution going to be and what is going to be, especially in this machine of Hollywood?’” she has said about getting older.

And on the backlash to the way she and her cast-mates looked in Sex and The City 2, she says, “Why do I have to look good ‘for my age?’ Why can’t I just look good? They airbrush 17-year-olds. They’ve been airbrushing me since my first still was taken, because I had a pimple or whatever. You think, ‘Well, it’s just too easy a target,’ and nobody is speaking up about it. They’re just letting it go. I think that’s really a shame.”

It IS a shame because do we really want our role models to be generic, fish-faced neurotics? Or do we want them to be real women?

If you spent more than two seconds thinking about the answer, then bugger off (fish-face).


2 Comments on “Spinster of the Week”

  1. Disagree says:

    Kim is a nobody. I would take Meg Ryan over her any day.

  2. I could argue against Kim being ‘a nobody’. My point is that Meg has ruined her face, while Kim actually looks like a real woman. Meg now boasts that weirdly popular generic trout pout, and the glazed, shiny look of a woman who’s been playing around with nature. Big mistake.

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