Going Out: A Breakdown of How and Why.

My new friend @dizzydentfilms, who you should follow immediately, commented this week on Twitter that I go out a lot. I think her exact words were, ‘You sure party a lot Spinny.’

I don’t think it was a criticism or even a high five, I think she was simply noting my recent run of social events.

But here’s the thing: I live alone, and I work at home.

If I don’t go out, I don’t see people.

And one of the things that I struggle with on a daily basis is my alone-ness, and sometimes loneliness. (And sometimes both. Those are very bad days indeed).

It’s a paradox though because I’m a real homebody. It bothers me that at 42, I still have to make so much effort to be in contact with other human beings.

I like being at home. I like to nest. And the older I get, the more I realise that leaving the house puts me in a bad mood.

The only thing that’s worse is sitting at home alone for hours – or days – on end.

So I go out, mostly to friend’s houses, restaurants, press events or screenings. Screenings are fun because I don’t have to engage my brain or do that Hollywood thing where you have to pretend that EVERYTHING’S AMAZING, and you have so many AWESOME PROJECTS on the go. It’s a dark room filled with other people, so there’s an illusion of socialising without putting any real effort in.

I get bored of bars and stupidly loud music very quickly. Also, I tire easily because of my boring health issues, and naturally I get stressed out about how I look and what to wear (oh shut up, every woman I know feels the same way).

So going out is fraught squared. But for the humble Spinata, it’s also a necessary evil.

The upside is that evil can also be A GOOD THING. I like cocktails, nibbles and wine. I like to meet interesting people. And I like to steal things from posh hotels. If I can hit those three steps in an evening, say for example, a dirty martini, stories of pirating adventures on the high seas and a free bar of designer label soap, then I’m happy.

It doesn’t take much. But that’s life isn’ it?

Little things can change everything.

Once you get over the big thing. Leaving the house.


3 Comments on “Going Out: A Breakdown of How and Why.”

  1. usurped says:

    I don’t know what kind of readership you get, or if you plan on continuing this blog. I don’t even know how I stumbled across it – some random google search, I suppose. But God I love this. Please don’t ever stop writing. It’s hilarious, and, paradoxically has made me less terrified of getting older. Probably because you make it sound posh and funny, even if it’s not. Rock on.

  2. Rouge Vino says:

    Turn this into a book for God’s sake!

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