Bieber’s inner spinny?

Is it just me (I’m prepared for the answer to be ‘yes’), but does Justin Bieber already looked weary and jaded? He’s only 17, yet his eyes tell a different story.

A friend of mine saw him in a hotel last week. He was with his girlfriend and no entourage. No minders either.

He got pissy when approached by a gang of giggly girls who asked to have their picture taken with him.

Number one. Where the hell are his security?

Number two. He’s over it. And he’s still a teenager.

I’m a whopping 25 years older than Bieber, and I’m proud that my bitter, cynicism took so long to germinate. That’s my story. My journey. Good and bad.

He’s worth millions, and what does he have to shoot for? It looks to me like he’s changed gender, and skipped three decades.

His hair says, ‘Love me’.

His eyes say, ‘What’s left?’

Poor sod. I know how he feels.


One Comment on “Bieber’s inner spinny?”

  1. Wayne says:

    Number 3 – he’s rich enough to retire already and fuck off and do something with his life !!! Winner!!! Fuck you Charlie Sheen.

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