Douchebag Diaries (the first in a series I imagine).

Rant alert. I have something I need to get off my heaving bosom.

I did a photo shoot at the home of a millionaire in Beverly Hills recently. He rents it out for extra cash. Clearly the $300mil he made in new media didn’t buy enough marble statues and fake flower displays for his liking.

So he turns up at the shoot accompanied by a very young, skinny Asian girl. He’s a 47-year-old from the other side of the country, wearing ugly ripped Ed Hardy jeans and a garish sports t-shirt. Italian-looking, short, unshaven. Straight from Californication’s central casting department.

Turns out his Asian friend is the girl he’s doing right now but ‘they’re not exclusive’.

He honed in on one of the young, attractive British girls at the shoot. He ignores me. I listen to their conversation, which starts after his Asian accessory disappears into the west wing to get changed for dinner.

He makes a disparaging comment to the British girl at the shoot, insinuating that she got her job solely because of her looks to which she takes great offence. She lists her education credits and professional achievements. He grins inanely.

He then sits down next to her, clearly aroused by her back-chat and proceeds to tell her that ‘He can’t find a real relationship in LA’.

She replies, ‘Why are you dating a 22-year-old then?’ You can’t possibly have anything in common? It’s never going to go anywhere.’

He squirms, and tells her that the Asian ‘girlfriend’ knows they’re not exclusive, and adds that she’s actually very intelligent.

By this time I’m rolling my eyes as he talks about his divorce, his kids and how he’s a ‘real person’, with good morals and can sniff out gold-diggers.

He can’t understand why he’s alone. He pleads his case to my friend, who good for her, is having none of his bullshit.

This is the kind of double-speak bullshit that men in LA talk – especially the rich ones.

If he truthfully wants a ‘real relationship’, he should be dating someone my age. But he looked right through me when we were introduced.

When we left later in the day, he kissed my younger, more attractive friend goodbye, and shook my hand. I’m five years younger than him and a successful, intelligent, professional. But he wouldn’t give me the time of day.

He says he wants a ‘real relationship’ yet talked about traveling around the world half the year. You can’t have  a relationship if you’re not present to it.

He said he wants a family home, yet keeps his mansion immaculate and empty because actually, he doesn’t want that kind of intimacy.

Basically, everything he DOES, cancels out everything he SAYS.

He was about as pathetic a man as I have ever met. And this town is crawling with them.

There will always be a steady stream of pretty young things willing to take the crap because of the size of his wallet.

Good for them but his BS is as infinite as his swimming pool.

He’s the other 3D. A deluded, desperate, douchebag.


One Comment on “Douchebag Diaries (the first in a series I imagine).”

  1. veradasilva says:

    Seems to me that LA and Moscow men have a lot in common. Money spoils.

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